Monday, October 12, 2009

Zaskia Adya

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Biography: Zaskia Adya Mecca (born in Jakarta, September 8, 1987 age 22 years) is a soap opera actress and actress of Indonesia.

Zaskia initial career start a career in the entertainment arena of Indonesia during the 2001 election and Model My friend grabbed II champion. Success was made ogled by a production house that offers a supporting actor in a soap opera starring Marshanda Angel.

Name soap Zaskia skyrocketed when he starred in soap opera director Deddy Mizwar, Rapture's Close. In the soap opera, girl-Aceh-German Sunda n is acting as Sarah, a woman wearing a headscarf. So is the life of everyday Zaskia who always wore a veil since 2005. Besides Rapture's Close, the second of seven brothers also starred in several soap operas, among others, Cinta SMU, Habibi and Habibah, chanting Puberty, Lorong Left, Munajah Love, and Para Pencari Tuhan.

Film in 2007, Zaskia live filming the big screen titled Kun Fayakun a religious film by Ustad Yusuf Mansyur. The film is scheduled to dilaunching end of 2007. In the same year, Zaskia also played in the religious-themed film, Ayat-Ayat Cinta, who was appointed from the same titled novel written by Habiburrahman El Shirazy. Hanung Bramantyo Indonesian film director is supported by Fedi Nuril as Fahri, Rianti as Aisha Cartwright, Carissa Putri as Maria, Zaskia Adya Mecca as Noura, and Melanie Putria as Nurul.

Presenter In June 2007, Zaskia with artists and presenters Meidiana soap opera Tommy became the presenter and the content of the birthday celebration at PRJ Jakarta. They are contracted by one of the private banks in the country to take the 'talk show' of Islamic banking.

Personal life

Zaskia has stated that he wanted to get married at a young age 20 years. However, until his birthday in September 2007, indications are also looking to get married yet. Previous Zaskia had 'almost' married to Sahrul Gunawan. Having failed with Sahrul, Zaskia rumored relationship with Tommy Kurniawan. But their relationship ended. Then, Zaskia reportedly close to a man from Turkey, Alaa Muttalib.

On September 14, 2009, Zaskia married to Hanung Bramantyo.

Thanks to his role in a number of nuanced impressions of religion, the spectators and fans recognize as the woman Zaskia salehah. Assessment is natural when we connect with her role in "The Rapture's Close" as "Sarah" a clever Quran. The fans certainly hope and expect that what is portrayed in the soap opera idol in line with the behavior of their everyday.

But the picture Zaskia then contradicts himself by the fact that so far has participated infotaiment to lift his name. Plus in the morning on the lips SCTV reported smoking in the middle of the shooting location with Zaskia Hanung Bramantyo and friends shot, Baim Wong. Photo Zaskia smoking has now been widely circulated on the Internet.

Foto artis Indonesia Zaskia Adya merokok.


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