Sunday, October 11, 2009

Atiqah Hasiholan

Atiqah Hasiholan is a stage actress who grew up theater Teater Satu Merah Panggung (One Red Stage Theater). Had time to study to Monash University. Jamilah Atiqah appear as the main character in the play The Whore and the President. Appeared in the film as Ima Share, youngest wife of Pak Haji who played El Manik, and appeared in several television movies. Girl born January 3, 1982 became a movie starring Suster N.

First appeared on the big screen, when Atiqah offered by Nia Dinata role in the film for Share in 2006. From its inaugural debut, Atiqah started getting many offers to play wide-screen movies. Cinta Setaman, Pintu Terlarang dan Gila-Gilaan are some movies that she had starred.


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