Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cinta Laura

Cinta Laura Kiehl (born in Quackenburg, Germany, August 17, 1993; age 16 years) is a soap opera actor and singer Indonesia.

Career Cinta Laura made its debut in the entertainment world as a finalist Top Model 2006. Began his acting career through the role as a named Cinta character in the soap opera Cinderella (Apakah Cinta Hanyalah Mimpi?) Production MD Entertainment. Through the soap opera that began precisely known to the public because if you talk to Indonesia he too makes for speech. In 2007 she received the award SCTV Awards by category "actress ngetop". In the event that he defeated her rivals among others Marshanda, Shireen Sungkar, and Nia Ramadhani.

Thanks to accent a mixture of Indonesian and English, make love look different. Thanks to this unique case, she was increasingly in demand in the entertainment realm Indonesia. In 2008, she was offered his first film debut, "Oh Baby". In this film, Love also contributed his voice to the movie soundtrack.

In the
course of his career in the entertainment world, Cinta had hampered legal problems. In July 2008, Cinta sued by the production house MD Entertainment. Cinta is considered to have violated the contract previously agreed upon. After several trial, then in December 2008, the court gave the decision to Cinta. Cinta was found guilty and must pay the loss suffered by MD Entertainment for Rp1.716.406.000 or finished the jobs and obligations that have not been implemented by Cinta.

In early 2009, Cinta duet by Duo Maia on their latest album.And this she returned to play a role in the soap opera titled "Air Mata Cinta".

Personal life

Cinta Laura Marcell Darwin dating for five months. But she later affair with David Richards. David
comes from the United States who also attended the Jakarta International School।

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