Sunday, October 11, 2009

Julie Estelle

Julie Estelle Gasnier (born in Jakarta, January 4, 1989; age 20 years) is the image model, commercials, and actress of Indonesia. French descent girl, Manado, Tionghoa is becoming known since playing in the movie Alexandria (2005) which is also the first movie. Through this film, Julie won the nomination Most Favorite MTV's Rising Star. Previously Julie was more active as a photo model. Another film starring brother never VJ Cathy Sharon is Dealova, Kuntilanak and Selamanya. In addition to being photo model, she also starred in a video clip Matta Band.

Playboy Magazine The girl who has a 170 cm height was never involved in legal cases as reported by the Front pembela Islam (FPI) on July 18, 2006 as deemed immoral acts. The report related to the photos of her in the third edition of the Indonesian version of Playboy magazine, published early 2006. In early July 2008, before the release of the last trilogy Kuntilanak, again surprised by the public release of photographs of Julie with a bikini. Julie was considered Such images are still in a reasonable level because it is done on the beach and a large family with his girlfriend, Moreno Soeprapto. In mid-2008, Julie-Moreno relationship reportedly ended.

Foto Seksi Julie Estelle


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