Monday, October 12, 2009

Tyas Mirasih

Tyas Mirasih Endah (born in Jakarta, April 8, 1987 age 22 years) is a video model, presenter, and players sinetron Indonesia.


Tyas, as usual he greeted, began his career in the entertainment world after Indonesia became cover girl finalist 2002. However, his name began to be known publicly as Indonesia music video starring "By the time" of the band Ungu. After that, Tyas also starred in many video clips, such as "Seperti Yang Dulu" (Ungu), "Seperti Yang Kumau" (Baim), "Menjaga Hati" (Yovie & Nuno), and "Cintai Aku Lagi" (Sania).

Not just content to be a model, Tyas was plunged into the world of soap operas. Soap operas starring the ever youngest of three brothers Surman partners and Hedy Widiatmo Elias, among others Teman Tapi Mesra, Sepatu Kaca, dan Cinta Itu Ngga Buta.

Personal life Although fairly new in the world of showbiz, the name of Tyas often showed in the news infotainment. This is because Tyas known often alternated among celebrity boyfriend. Call it, The Cow, Clubeighties band vocalist who has been dating 4.5 years, even rumored to be engaged, but eventually they broke up. Mulatto girl-Dutch Java is also turning the hearts of young and personnel pesinetron vocal group BBB (Bukan Bintang Biasa), Raffi Ahmad. Only lasted a few months, their relationship ended. Tyas was re-called third person Nia Ramadhani breakup with Bams. Now she make a relationship with Tria from Cangcuters claimed was close to his lover's family, to take advantage of the existing moment for each Hospitality. "I happen to his family as it is near. If not go together also have a serious talk over, cook out fast from the morning sampe malem, continued seroiusly.Not to use this moment that way, but for Hospitality," says Tyas who claims not yet reached the point of introducing each other to a large family.

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