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Agnes Monica

Early career

Agnes Monica began her career at the age of 6 years as a singer little. Agnes has released an album as much as 3 pieces of children, namely Si Meong, Yess and Bala-bala. These albums jump-start a successful Agnes Monica into the rows of children's singer popular in the late 1990s. Addition. Agnes is also a presenter on a children VAN (Video Anak Anteve), Tralala-Trilili in RCTI and Diva Romeo in Trans TV. In 1999 Agnes was awarded Panasonic Awards as a presenter of children most favorite.

The age of 15 years, Agnes began to plunge into the world of acting by starring in soap operas Pernikahan Dini. This success catapulted sinetron Agnes names in the entertainment industry arena. Through these soap operas, Agnes had won the award 4 pieces, namely Popular Drama and Favorite Actress in Panasonic Awards event in 2001 and 2002. Success Pernikahan Dini Agnes made a more calculated.

2003-2004: .. And The Story Goes .....

Having had time to sing the soundtrack Pernikahan Dini ( "Pernikahan Dini" dan "Seputih Hati") and also involved collaboration with Julio Yana single "Awan dan Ombak" Agnes finally determined to return to the field early as a singer. Agnes released her first adult album called .. And The Story Goes ..... on October 8, 2003. For this album Agnes attract some excellent musicians like Ahmad Dhani, Joey Ayala, and others. At the launch of this first album Agnes also began to publish his intention to "go international".

With this album, Agnes managed to bring 3 cups AMI Awards 2004, namely as' Pop Solo Artist Best Female "," Dance Production Work / Tehno Best "for the song" Bilang Saja ", and" Duo / Group Best "for collaboration with Ahmad Dhani Agnes in the song "Love is Dead". Agnes also was awarded Anugerah Planet Muzik 2004, Singapore as the "Best New Immigrants", and also MTV Indonesia Awards 2004 as the "Most Favorite Female". Agnes was the first album had achieved Double Platinum with sales of more than 300,000 copies.

As for soap operas, Agnes Cewekku Jutek starred in the year 2003 as well as Virgin and Beautiful Flowers in the year 2004. For his acting career, Agnes again received an award from Panasonic Awards 2003 for "Favorite Actress" and SCTV Awards 2004 as "popular actress".

2005-2007: Whaddup A'..?!

On December 10, 2005, Agnes launched his second album titled Whaddup A'..?!. On this album, besides holding a number of Indonesian musicians like Melly, Joey Ayala, Andi Rianto and others, Agnes also invited singer from the United States, Keith Martin to collaborate. Keith Martin here to create 2 pieces of English songs to Agnes and also a duet in the song "I'll Light A Candle". The album jump-start several hits singles like "Not Yours Again", "Without my love", "It's Logic" and "Love On the Edge Road".

The second album is a success Agnes gave birth to many awards throughout the year 2006. Agnes picked up 3 trophies from AMI Awards for "Pop Artist Best Female Solo", "Production R & B the Best" for the song "Not Yours Again" and "Best Album Cover Design". Agnes also get SCTV Music Awards for "Best Solo Pop Album" and the VMI Indonesia awards for "Video Clips Favorite" and "Best Actress" in the video clip "Without my love". Agnes also picked up awards MTV Indonesia Awards 2006 as the "Most Favorite Female". Agnes also received an award from the Union of Artists Singer, creator of the song and Playground Music Recordings Indonesia (PAPPRI) as "Phenomenal New Generation Artists Music of Indonesia".

In 2007, Agnes was appointed by the DEA (Drugs Enforcement Administration) and IDEC Far East Region as an anti-drug ambassador of the Asia.

2008-present: nez and Sacredly Agnezious

In 2008, Agnes returned starred in soap operas, Jelita in RCTI. Agnes also sang the soundtrack of this soap opera called "Matahariku". Sinetronnya Although not too successful, but the single "Matahariku" Agnes for delivering successful the third time be a "Most Favorite Female" MTV Indonesia Awards 2008. The song "Matahariku" has also received Platinum download numbers which reached 1.5 Ringbacktone million. Sepetember In 2008, Agnes released single "Godai Aku Lagi". This song is the first song creation Agnes and will be released on his third album, Sacredly Agnezious. The single "Godai Aku Lagi" and "Matahariku" was released early from his album in a limited edition CD single titled nez.

On March 16, 2009, Agnes third single titled "Keep" is playing in all the official radio in Indonesia. On April 1, 2009, Agnes finally released his third album titled Sacredly Agnezious.

Overseas career

In 2006, Agnes was involved in filming the drama series called The Hospital in Taiwan, where Agnes met with Jerry Yan's acting, one of the F4 personnel। Agnes also participated in filming the series Romance in the White House, where Agnes in this series played only a few episodes only. The second series has been aired in Indosiar. In the local version, the opening and ending edited in such a way to insert a scene involving Agnes. For most Taiwanese drama fans, this editing is considered forcing. In accordance with Agnes's ambition to "go international", at the end of the year 2006 Agnes decided to rest from activity studies at the University of Pelita Harapan, Department of Law. In the near Agnes plans to move to the United States and began his international debut in the country. In 2008 Agnes managed to win the Asia Song Festival 2008 in Seoul, South Korea.


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