Sunday, October 11, 2009

Titi Kamal

Kurniaty Kamalia or better known as Titi Kamal (born in Jakarta, Indonesia, December 7, 1981; age 27 years) is a soap opera and film actress from Indonesia. Women's 169 cm tall, was once played in the movie Ada Apa Dengan Cinta and played in sinetron Cinta Anak Kampus, Chanda and Pura-Pura Buta. Name Titi Kamal getting bounced when she sang the song Jablai who'd been hit. Because of its commitment as an actress, Titi just singing that song specifically for the film Mendadak Dangdut, and never show or sing the song to look elsewhere.
Titi is the last child of five children of the pair H. Elly Kamal Badri and Rosniati from Palembang and Bengkulu. During his schooling in SMUN 48, Titi active in theater. That's what made him even more loved acting until now.

Although already married to Christian Sugiono, Titi Kamal would have had no children.
"I still have soap operas striping to be completed. So maybe when he entered the keberapa episode, we had planned to have children," said Titi accompanied by her husband Christian Sugiono, at Shisha Cafe, Kemang, South Jakarta, Saturday (10/10).

Titi did well because he also had already contracts with some beauty products, the treaty does not allow this multitalented star pregnant beautiful. Lucky, too, the parents did not demand it quickly had grandchildren.
"Yeah, because still under contract. Thankfully, Mom was forced to have children soon," he said smiling nod of approval followed Tian, close calls her husband, who hugged him.
Tian was also revealed other reasons. He said, "Children are not something easy, because it must be prepare. Do not be like buying a car, if you do not like living selling again."
Titi Kamal was the wife of Christian Sugiono. They were married on February 6, 2009 in Perth, Australia।


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