Sunday, October 11, 2009

Acha Septriasa

Acha Septriasa or usually called Acha (born in Jakarta, September 1, 1989; age 20 years) born with the name Jelita Septriasa. Acha is a singer and actress, Indonesia and religious Islam.

Karir Acha started plunged into the world of entertainment when it became a cover girl in 2004. The owner of this kilogram of body 164cm/46 went into acting through the film "Apa Artinya Cinta?" (2005) which appears as a supporting player Shandy Aulia. He became famous as a film Heart with Nirina Zubir and Irwansyah. Not only to play movies, Acha was a singer in the film's soundtrack, a duet with Irwansyah, her boyfriend then until now. The soundtrack is a double platinum award, for Best Original Soundtrack of this year. Not only in Indonesia, Acha also popular in Malaysia. Even the duet songs he brought with her boyfriend, Irwansyah, such as "Sampai Menutup Mata", "My Heart", and "Pecinta Wanita", occupied the top list on the radio there.

The success of "Heart" is bringing the two lovers are played back in the film Love isCinta and soap operas "Andai Ku Tahu". Relationships between Acha and Irwan ended around 2008 as the year ago due to not able to live a long distance relationship when Acha choose to continue school in Malaysia.

sonal life At the end of 2008, the name of the talk Acha in the media. This is related to allegations that he has a special relationship with the singer of the band Pasha Ungu. In spite of protest, but Acha admitted he received a special gift from the Pasha of the watch on his birthday.
ginning April 2009, appeared in the media section of the internet images Acha in a party at nightspots. It turned out that the image is not him, but her sister who was like her, Juwita Maritsa.
Acha decided to continue their studies in foreign countries, namely Malaysia. But in mid 2009, he took a leave of absence because he was busy preparing his
solo album and was working on a soap opera titles.


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