Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kiki Amelia

Kiki Amelia soap star claimed he was being burned with envy, as some choose to end his bachelor days. While he, still consistent with the status "jomblowati" was his.

"My friends all married. There's also jealousy, but all this God has a plan, I live it is and not have to think quickly," he found in the Independent Learning Center, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday.

Will not dissolve in the feeling, Kiki chose to enjoy his work in the entertainment world. "I focus better with my work, so do not think for one thing. All must accept what is," explained Kiki.

Mentioned about the man who had told some time ago, Kiki was still reluctant to disclose to the public. "It is not going to introduce, tunggu aja. I'm afraid pamali and failed again. Initials and names I do not want to answer," said Kiki.

"A lot of things should I think, many families who do not want exposed। So let me and God knows," said Kiki.

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