Monday, October 12, 2009

Vega Darwanti

Not peer Tukul at Four Eyes, Darwanti Vega had just married to a doctor Demasany Sanjaya after 2 years of dating.

Vega Darwanti often called by Tukul Arwana Ngatini men willing to become his idol's wife, Dema. Dema submit prayer set of tools and cash worth Rp1.032.009 and a pair of wedding rings as a dowry.

After getting married, Vega and her husband, Dema will form a honeymoon to the island resort, Bali. Why they chose Bali?, Because Vega got a job in the island resort. "Honeymoon in Bali all the work," he said before the ceremony in the Masjid At-Tin, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, East Jakarta.
The woman who called Vega 'Ngatini' This program is not a baby soon. In fact, Vega wants to postpone for a baby.

"Actually, no program, but I hope one year of busy work," said Vega.

The reception itself was held on the night Footnotes House Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. Their wedding ceremonies using Java. Vega confessed to having happy before marriage is very sacred and all life.
"I actually yesterday had nervous time," he concluded.

Foto seksi Vega Darwanti.
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