Saturday, October 10, 2009

Yuanita Christiani

Beautiful woman who is familiar Nita was born in Jakarta, 14 April 1986. At the age of very young, Nita explore the entertainment world, ranging from an MC, host of TV, commercials, and also an actress. In the field of acting, a woman who has a hobby of watching movies, traveling, and listening to new music recorded starring two of cinema, namely "DTrex The Movie" in 2004 as one of the main cast, and "Berbagi Cinta" in the year 2005 as a supporting actor . Yuanita Christiani first appeared on TV in 2005 when he became the presenter of the show in TransTV. Besides, he also became co-host the show "Berani Tukeran" on the same TV station. He also briefly appeared on Metro TV screen in the quiz show "Desember Berhadiah", and in AstroTV in the event "Jakarta Night Out". He then started to go as a presenter on "DoubleEspresso" in 2006, and then had become the main presenter "Espresso" in 2007, until finally she became the presenter "Espresso Weekend" which lasted until today. Outside Espresso He also had a presenter quiz "AFC Asian Cup 2007" interchangeably with Intan Erlita. In addition to the show "AFC Asian Cup 2007" she also appeared in several other sporting events such as the "Liga Djarum Indonesia 2007", and "GP" (as the presenter of the quiz) starting from 2007 till now. Yuanita Christiani also sold as commercials. We have noted, which has 19 ads starring Nita. The main roles include an ad he found in Bank Niaga, Zinc Shampoo, and Segar Dingin Madu. While he got a supporting role in the ads, among others, Mie ABC, Pro XL, GT Man, and many more. Began in June last, accompanied Yuanita Choky as co host on the show dating program Take Me Out Indonesia

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