Monday, October 12, 2009

Dhini Aminarti

Dhini Aminarti (born in Jakarta, May 29, 1983; age 26 years) is Indonesian Television player.


Name Dhini skyrocketed over the role as Wulan Wulan in the soap opera. The girl who plays 173 cm body is almost always plays characters who are always nice and willing to play any antagonist or act as a madman. Soap opera starring Dhini ever among others, Siapa Takut Jatuh Cinta, Cewek Macan, Bule Masuk Kampung 3, Si Cecep, Roda-Roda Cinta, Si Cantik dan Si Buruk Rupa, Maha Kasih 2, Kembang Surga, Wulan, Maha Cinta, dan Serial TV Jomblo. Dhini also played in the Trans Widescreen TV production titled Dunia Lain (2006). Besides playing in the soap opera, also became a model Dhini Sari Ayu and Konika film.

Personal life Dhini had established the love with Muhammad Fardhan since 2005. Unfortunately, 3 days before Ramadan in 2007, their relationship ended. The main reason of this separation is not the blessing of the mother and the difference in age Dhini almost 6 years. Fardhan who was going to 19 years was not ready when requested Dhini married to 24-year-old.

After the Fardhan, Dhini look seriously establish Gemail love with. Girlfriend this time not from the artist, but the profession as private employees of private TV. Dhini mother also gave his blessing this time. Even the two of them reported going to the wedding. However, unfortunately it was not happy news to be true. Relationship should be ended.

End of 2008, Dhini caught in the area Peak along with actor Dimas Seto। At that time they deny that they were lovers. However, Dimas Seto finally had a chance to explain that they both were at the introduction stage with each other. Dhini Dimas has known for nine years.

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